Upgrading Tines on Docker Compose


Step 1. Downloading upgrade package  

You will need to have an active Cloud tenant to access the latest self-hosted version of Tines. Download the Tines installation package using the following link:

https://<your cloud tenant name>.tines.com/admin/upgrade

For example


The file will be a zip archive named as follows: tines_<build id>.zip. 

Unzip the archive and upload it to the host machine where Tines is installed. 

Step 2. Move files to the installation directory  

Unzip the installation package and move all the files to the tines installation directory: 

unzip tines_<build_id>.zip 

cp -rT tines_<build_id>/ /opt/tines  

Step 3. Running upgrade script  

The installation package includes an upgrade script, upgrade.sh. Ensure it is executable with the following command: 

chmod +x upgrade.sh

Run the upgrade script: 


When the upgrade script runs it will attempt to back up the database. To do this, it will print a list of volumes where the database data may be stored. When prompted, type the correct volume (under default conditions there will only be one). 



If Tines did not start after running ​docker-compose up​, check the console for relevant errors. 

Contact ​support@tines.io​ with the output of ​docker-compose logs​.

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