User administration

User Management 

From the menu beside your username select "Manage users" (https://<tenant-domain>/admin/users). You will be presented with a list of users, their current status, tenant role, and last active time. To view additional information about a user, click "Show user" from the "Actions" dropdown menu.

To edit a user's profile, click "Edit user" from the "Actions" dropdown menu.

Invite a user 

To invite a user to Tines, click "New user" from the Manage users page. Enter the invitee's first name, last name and email address and click "Save". An invite email will be sent with instructions on how the invitee can complete their registration.

Activity 

Tines retains 30 days of sign in activity for each user. When a user signs in, Tines will record metadata such as Timestamp, IP address and the User agent associated with the sign in. These events are made available for download in CSV format.

User Sessions 

User sessions can be managed via Authentication settings. From the menu beside your username select "Authentication settings" (https://<tenant-domain>/#authentication_settings).

From here, tenant owners can configure user sessions to be an 'Idle Session Timeout' . They can also set the session duration via the dropdown, which supports a range of timeframes.

By default, the session has an absolute timeout from the moment a user logs in. When 'Idle Session Timeout' is enabled, session expiry will instead be based on an idle timeout (i.e. user inactivity).


There are two tenant user roles in Tines:

  • User

  • Tenant Owner

User accounts can only perform actions on objects owned by a team they are a member of. Tenant owners can perform actions on any object, regardless of the team that owns it.

Additionally only tenant owners have permission to:

  1. Completely remove a user from a tenant.

  2. Delete queued or retrying jobs.

Learn more about team administration here, such as how to add users to a team, or learn more about team user roles here.

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