Story runs


Stories consist of actions, and events are created as a result of actions running. The chain of actions and events set off by a run is called a story run. Story runs can consist of unlimited amounts of actions and are recorded with a unique GUID (globally unique identifier) for each chain of events that occurs. The unique identifier of the story run can be obtained from the META formula key, or the STORY_RUN_GUID function.

When reviewing events from a story, the story runs view can be utilized to present a clear picture of events as they took place during an execution route.

Story run view 

The story run view can be accessed by selecting the "Story runs" tab located at the top left of your storyboard.

Event routes 

Within the story runs tab, there is a story runs panel and a routes panel. The story runs panel groups the latest set of actions and their corresponding events together by story run. Each run is listed in order by most recent runtime along with the number of actions in that story run.

Clicking on an individual story run in the story runs panel will display all actions that took place during that story run. These actions will appear in the routes panel. At the bottom of the routes panel, the following story run metrics are reported:

  • The number of events that took place across the number of actions in the story run

  • Story run start time

  • Story run finish time

  • Story run duration

Clicking on an action within the routes panel will display the corresponding event in the panel to the right along with all preceding and/or succeeding events. This provides a single view of the details of all events in a route.

Events can take multiple routes during a single story run, usually as a result of "exploding" an array or branching to multiple actions in a story. When an individual action is selected in the routes pane, the actions that were part of that particular route will remain highlighted, making it easier to understand which actions took place to arrive at a particular event.

View and edit actions from story runs 

Clicking on the action title of any of the events seen in the primary event viewer will populate the selected action's editor panel. This panel allows for viewing and configuring actions in real time. This is helpful when editing action configurations while referencing a wide range of event data from previous story runs.

View story runs from the event panel 

Within the events viewer, you can select the button 'Open story run' on the right to open an event in the context of its story run. This allows you to more easily understand what happened before or after an event occurred.

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