Creating a case

You can create a case from three different places. 

  1. Cases home (from scratch)

  2. Storyboard

  3. Records

Create from scratch 

Create a blank case from the cases home and click the + New case. From here, define your preferred case attributes such as case name, priority, and assignees and click Create case.

Create from storyboard 

Most often, a case will be created from your storyboard as part of a broader story. 

This is a recommended approach as it allows you to automate the end-to-end process that cases are being created for, while capturing the actions and relevant data for auditing purposes. 

To create a case in the storyboard, select the case tile from the Tools section and drag onto the storyboard. Then configure your preferred case details in the right hand builder.

Save a case template 

You can also choose to create a case from a saved case template. To create a case template, save your designed case tile via the button Save as template at the bottom of the builder. Once you have saved a case template, you can select your pre-configured template when you drag out a case tile via the button to the right of Configure case.

Update a case 

Please note, the case tile is used for creating cases. To make other changes to cases such as updating, retrieving, or deleting a case, use our API templates. Drag the Tines product from the API template navigator and filter for cases to view the full list of actions available.

Create from records 

Cases will almost always be tied to a record, but you can also create a case from a record. 

To do this, go to the records section of your team and follow these steps: 

  1. Select one or more records you’d like for your case

  2. Go to the top of the table and choose ‘add to case’

  3. Then choose to add it to an existing or create a new case

  4. If you add to existing, you’ll choose from the existing cases

  5. If creating a new case, you’ll need to fill in the relevant information about the case

  6. You’re all set! 

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