List of page elements

Pages support a range of elements, including input fields and display elements.

Input fields 

  • Short text – a single line of text, e.g. "first name"

  • Long text – multiline text, e.g. "address" or "comments"

  • Email – an email address (with format validation)

  • URL – a web address (with format validation)

  • Option – one or more options selected from a predefined list

  • Date – a date chosen with a user-friendly date picker

  • Boolean – a yes/no response

  • Number – a quantity

  • File upload – a file attached from the user's computer (maximum of 20 MB for each page submission across all upload fields)

  • Button – whenever you collect input on a page, you’ll need a button to allow the user to press submit and advance to the next page

Display elements 

  • Title – large text for headings

  • Rich text – formatted body text (powered by Markdown)

  • Divider – a horizontal rule to separate page sections

  • Image – a rendered image (via direct upload, or dynamically via a URL or formula reference)

  • Map - render a location on a map using a formula reference

  • File - share a file either via direct upload or dynamically using a formula reference

  • Table - to render data from the events within a table

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