Upgrading Tines on AWS Fargate


Steps to upgrade Tines for a self-hosted AWS Fargate deployment 

Step 1. Obtain the image from either your Docker Hub account or your cloud tenant at /admin/upgrade.

Step 2. Unzip/pull the image.

Step 3. Push the image to your ECR repository.

Step 4. Create a new revision using the new image for each of the tines-app and tines-sidekiq task definitions.

Step 5. Update each of the tines-app and tines-sidekiq tasks with their new definition. To ensure no interruption to ongoing story runs, we recommend updating tines-app first, ensuring its fully deployed and then updating tines-sidekiq.

Step 6. Optional - Check the logs to ensure the new tasks are running as expected.

Step 7. Optional - Navigate to /version on your tenant and check that the version is up to date.

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