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Tines is endlessly flexible, so we love challenging ourselves and others to create new and unexpected workflows with it. YDWWT is an annual competition where we get to see what our incredible community of builders can create, from practical everyday uses to the more fun and the downright wacky.

✨ The 2023 Winners ✨

This year, we asked for entries in categories covering everything from powerful security use cases, to ones that were just for fun. As always, picking the best of the bunch was a challenge, and we’re so grateful to everyone who entered. All of the winning entries are now in our library so you can explore, edit and use them for yourself.

Grand Prize

macOS Patch Management

Managing software updates for macOS requires careful attention, depending on a user’s privilege level, not to mention their preferred configuration. Tyler’s solution cleverly solves for both, using an app and workflow built in Tines, which allows users to opt in or out of a pilot group, and pushes the updates they need using a flexible, centralized automation.

Tools: Atlassian, Jamf, Slack, Jira

Community author

Tyler Talaga at MyFitnessPal

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At Elastic, the InfoSec team has a number of Elasticsearch clusters deployed on Kubernetes, using GCP. Alert investigation and remediation is time-consuming for engineers, so Christopher created this story to make their lives easier. Using a Slack bot, they can interact with any cluster and get more visibility about the health of the cluster and easily trigger further commands.

Tools: Argo Workflows, Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Kubernetes, Slack

Community author

Christopher Cutajar at Elastic

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