Powerful automation,
made simple.

Automate any repetitive process and connect any digital workflow effortlessly. Do only what really matters.

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Tines makes it easy for you to offload any of your monotonous workflows, giving you back time to increase your impact.

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Transform your workflows

Use our no-code platform to do your grunt work and prioritize more interesting things, like searching for anomalies and solving puzzles.

Never miss a thing

Stay on top of issues that need your attention, and trust Tines to take care of the rest. Switch off without stress.

Automate in hours

With just 7 actions to learn, you'll be able to integrate everything and automate anything within hours.

Connect to any REST API or web application in seconds regardless of the tool, vendor, or whether it’s off the shelf or custom-built.

Use our out-of-the-box action templates to automate common workflows even faster.

  • Get device by ID
  • List users in Slack
  • Get Sophos Alerts
  • Get user profile in Gmail
    G Suite
  • Create ticket in JIRA
  • Comment on Github issue
  • Create a new user in Okta
  • Get started with over 1,000 more

Improve your team’s productivity, talent retention, and individual well-being.

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Optimize your software

Tines integrates quickly and easily with any REST API or web application, so you can get more from your investments and level up your team’s impact.

  • Connect to any REST API
  • Thousands of action templates
  • Just seven actions to learn
  • No coding skills needed
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Inspire Action

Tines makes it possible for any team member to prioritize tasks that move the needle while saving time and minimizing room for error.

  • Automate complex workflows
  • Collaborate across your organization
  • Unlimited use cases
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Improve your visibility

By automating less impactful tasks quickly, Tines helps drive accountability and provides greater control of your team’s processes.

  • Streamline processes
  • Unrivaled usability and flexibility
  • Tackle tool sprawl
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Flexible fit

Deployable in the cloud or on-premises, choose the infrastructure that works best for you.

  • Robust & Lightweight
  • Dedicated support team
  • Fully loaded free Community Edition
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