OAuth 2.0 type


OAuth 2.0 is the industry-standard protocol for authorization.

Create app 

Before you can begin the OAuth process, you must first register a new app with the service you wish to integrate with Tines (e.g.: Google, Facebook, Okta). When registering a new app, you usually register basic information such as application name, website, a logo, etc. In addition, you must register a redirect/callback URL. The callback/redirect URL you should enter when registering the app is provided on the "Create new credential" page and takes the form: https://<tenant-domain>/oauth2/callback

Creating the credential 

Client ID & secret: After registering your app with the 3rd-party service, you will receive a client ID and a client secret. The client ID is considered public information, the client secret must be kept confidential.

Scope: Enter one or more scope values indicating which parts of the user's account you wish to access.

Grant type: Tines supports client_credentials and authorization_code grants. Chose the type corresponding to the application you registered.

OAuth URL and OAuth token URL: Enter the OAuth URL and OAuth token URL corresponding to the service with which you registered your app. This information is typically provided when registering the app.

Saving the credential 

After entering the required information, press "Save credential". When using an authorization_code grant, you will be directed to the 3rd-party service and asked to authorize access to your account.

Refreshing the access token 

Tines will automatically fetch a new access token for the credential every 30 minutes.

Credential logs 

If refreshing the access token fails, you can navigate to the logs tab to see the logged error message to help with debugging.

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