Troubleshooting Tines on Docker Compose

If you encounter issues during the installation process and require assistance, contact Please include the docker-compose logs output.

Troubleshooting Scripts 

Our troubleshooting scripts are designed to help you identify common installation and configuration issues when setting up Tines with Docker Compose.

These scripts perform various checks and troubleshooting steps to provide insights into your environment, configuration, and dependencies.

To troubleshoot common installation and configuration issues, run the troubleshooting scripts:


To forward the results of these scripts to support at Tines, run the following:


The following data will be contained in the report:

  • Misconfigured or missing mandatory environment variables

  • Network connectivity to (from host and container)

  • Database migration and disk space status

  • Docker and Docker Compose installations

  • Postgres and Redis connection status

  • SMTP connection and authentication status

  • FIPS status

  • Tenant info

    • Action limit

    • Daily event limit

    • User limit

    • Story limit

    • Team limit

    • Name

    • Domain

    • User emails

Script Overview

  1. Environment Variables Check: This script checks the presence and validity of essential environment variables required for your Tines configuration. It verifies the completeness and accuracy of variables related to your tenant, email settings, database connections, and core configuration.

  2. Connection to HQ: This script tests the ability to reach over the internet. It validates network connectivity and ensures your system can access external resources. The HQ tenant is managed by Tines and serves multiple functions, such as gathering telemetry data and delivering updates for self-hosted clients. Failure to establish a connection with will result in the unavailability of these functions within your tenant.

  3. Container Health Check: This script inspects the health and status of your Docker containers. It confirms the proper functioning of key components within the containerized environment such as connections to Postgres and Redis, and SMTP connection and authentication.

  4. Database Checks: This script performs database-related checks to ensure your Tines application can interact with Postgres as well as the host having sufficient free space available. This job will also print out a read of information about your tenant to the console.

Troubleshooting Further

While the troubleshooting scripts cover common issues, they may not address every possible scenario. If you encounter persistent problems or issues not covered by the troubleshooting scripts, consult our official documentation or reach out to our support team ( for additional assistance.

Restarting Tines  

If you need to restart Tines use the following command:

docker-compose restart

If you have modified your .env file and want the changes to take effect, use the following command to restart Tines:

sudo docker-compose down && docker-compose up -d


Log Collection 

To collect Tines logs, first get the list of containers running on your host:

sudo docker container ls

Then get the logs for the desired container:

sudo docker logs (container id) > tines.log
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