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Create dynamic groups for business units in Azure Active Directory

Find all Azure Active Directory users which have a business unit defined. Create mail-enabled groups based on those buiness units using dynamic group membership rules. Created by Shane Lonneman at Applied Systems, Inc.


Identify and remediate malicious SentinelOne threats with VirusTotal

With this Story, query SentinelOne for unresolved threats on a schedule, determine if they're truly malicious, and take different actions to remediate. Notify specific users via email and gather all of the information in Jira.


Investigate unresolved SentinelOne threats

Carry out a simple threat investigation by pulling in unresolved SentinelOne threats. Analyze each alert individually, deduplicate incidents, then create a case in Jira.


Find & remediate publicly exposed S3 buckets with Wiz

Query Wiz's Cloud Configuration Findings API for exposed public access to S3 buckets. If a public S3 bucket finding is found, create an issue within Jira, send an alert via Slack, and include a remediation prompt within the Jira issue to apply the appropriate block access policy to the s3 bucket.

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