Stories are a collection of interconnected actions working towards a singular mission that can be automated. They can be viewed as analogous to use-cases or playbooks. For example, you might have a phishing story, an offboarding story, or an incident response story. To support sharing, stories can be imported and exported.

A story is made up primarily of actions and tools.

You can have multiple story units on a storyboard and each is counted individually toward the any plan limits.

Adding actions to stories 

Actions can be added to a story in three ways:

  1. Dragging an empty action or a template onto the storyboard.

  2. Copy and pasting actions into the storyboard from another story.

  3. Copy and pasting a cURL request into the Tines storyboard.

Learn more about actions here.

Default stories 

When Tines tenants are created they contain 1 story:

Your first story: This story contains a quick video demonstrating the basics of Tines and instructions to build your first story.

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