Self-Hosted Telemetry

In order to better help us support our self-hosting customers, Tines installations send a limited amount of metadata about themselves back to us. This includes required fields such as the current version of the instance, your current license details and utilization, and some optional metadata such as teams, stories, active feature flags and extra debug fields. This data helps us understand your current license utilization, diagnose issues faster, and better understand how features are used.

To see the data being sent, or to opt in / out of sending any optional telemetry data, visit the /admin/telemetry path of your instance, e.g. The data shown on that page is the exact data sent to Tines every hour.

Telemetry data will be sent to the domain once every hour. You may need to allow requests to this domain in your network infrastructure to allow the data to be sent successfully.

We include your instance's domain in the metadata to allow us to identify which instance the data is coming from. If you want to provide a more specific identifier here, you can set the TELEMETRY_ID environment variable in your Tines instance.

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