Prompts can be used to create a feedback loop from Tines to the end-user. The formula function PROMPT can be included in any action, and when the URL created by the prompt is visited by a user, the action that implements the prompt will emit a new event.

Documentation on the usage of the PROPMT function can be found here.

Example Configuration 

Email a prompt URL to an address using the Email action:

  "recipients": [
  "sender_name": "Alice",
  "subject": "Visit this link",
  "body": "<<PROMPT(\"OK\")>>",
  "advanced_html": true

When the action is run, the inbox listed in the recipients field, will receive an email with the below contents:

When the link in the email is clicked, an event will be emitted by the email action specified above, with the payload:

  "send_email_action": {
    "prompt": {
      "agent_id": <action-id>,
      "event_id": null,
      "status": "OK"

The text passed into the PROMPT function will determine the value of the status key in the emitted event of the action.

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