Using Teams 

The Teams feature of Tines allows for logical separation of users, credentials, resources, and stories. Team members will only be able to access the configuration items of teams that they are a part of unless they are a tenant administrator.

Team members can be added using the "Add members" button on the top right of the "Members" page of the team. If an account does not exist yet in the tenant when added to a team, an invitation email will be sent to the user to join the tenant. Members can be removed from a team at any point by any other member of the Team or an administrator, unless they are the last member of the Team.

Team Permissions 

All members of a team have the same permissions to read and edit configuration items like stories, actions, events, credentials, team members, and resources. More information on user roles in Tines can be found on the User Administration page.

Sharing Across Teams 

Stories, Credentials and Resources can be shared across Teams in order to allow reuse of single credentials, resource information, and complex stories.

Credentials and Resources can be shared by using the "Access" configuration options within each individual credential and resources. Sharing is enabled within the team the credential or resource exists in by default, with the option of "All teams & drafts" available to make the item available to all teams within the tenant, or some teams on a per-team basis.

Credentials and Resources shared outside the team must each have a unique name when compared to each other team present.

More information on Story sharing configuration can be found with the Send to Story configuration options.

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