Automatic mode

Transform data based on guidance written in plain English.

Under the hood, this feature uses build-time AI to compose Python code based on the guidance and the input you provide. Once you save your changes, the code is locked in place. This means that when the action runs, only the code executes, and no AI is involved.


  • Powerful transformations: author data transformations, with all the power of code, without needing to know how to write code

  • Self documenting: read plain English descriptions to understand the transformation, without needing to know how to read code

Configuration Options 

  • mode: 'automatic'

  • input: the data the action will operate on

  • guidance: a plain English description of how input should be transformed to output

Example Configuration Options 

Given the incoming event below, generate a message for each element in the object.

  "teams": { "team_1": { count: 5 }, "team_2": { count: 7 } }
  "mode": "automatic",
  "input": "<<teams>>",
  "guidance": "Name of the team with the highest count"
  "output": "team_2"
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