Formulas are used to insert dynamic content into your actions.

If you've ever used spreadsheet formulas they should be quite familiar:

# convert some text to upper case

# Simple logic
IF(user.job = "Engineer", "likes code", "dislikes code")

# Chaining together operations
REPLACE(, "'", "") |> REPLACE(%, " ", "")

Adding formulas 

You add formulas to your actions using the pill inserter in action options

Editing formulas 

You can edit formulas using the formulas popup.

Tags vs Values 

There are two types of pill: values and tags.

Value pills are replaced with the result of their formula when the action runs.

Tags on the other hand control the flow of execution. Tags are particularly useful for doing things like building emails

Pills mode vs Single value mode 

When you use a value pill within a piece of text, the value is converted to text and joined with any surrounding text. This isn't always what you want, sometimes you will want to add a complex object directly to a payload.

To do this you can use single value mode:

Using single value mode will return the value directly, rather than converting it to text.

Tines will default to single value mode in places where it only makes sense to return a complex value, for example the target of an explode action.

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