Job Management


An Action is run by a background worker in a job. Tines ensures fair job orchestration across all your stories. To view and manage background jobs in your tenant, click "Manage jobs" from the admin page. NOTE, this option is only available for Dedicated Tenants.

Workers Active 

To view the jobs currently being processed in your tenant, click "View" on the "WORKERS ACTIVE" card. The "In progress jobs" lists all active workers, the type of job, a description of the job and how long the job has been running (i.e.: how long the action is taking to run).

Queued Jobs 

When all workers are busy, jobs will be placed on a queue until a worker is available to process them. If there is a large number of queued jobs, you may be experiencing a spike in events. If there are consistently a lot of queued jobs, consider upgrading your plan to add additional workers.

Queue Latency 

This is the length of time it is currently taking for jobs to be processed by a worker after they have been added to the queue. If this time is consistently long, consider upgrading your plan to add additional workers.

Failed jobs 

When a job fails, it will be retried 25 times over the course of approximately 21 days. After a job fails 25 times, it will be moved to the "Dead jobs" section and will not be retried again.

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