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The problem

For new employees, the first impression counts massively. And for the business, it's crucial to enable the new person to get up-to-speed as rapidly as possible, so that they can start adding value.

However, onboarding remains slow and error-prone – with customers often missing access to key systems, requiring manual attention.

The solution

Tines can entirely automate complex employee onboarding workflows.

  • Integrate with your HR management system, gathering information on future employees

  • Schedule payroll and benefits setup in advance of the start date

  • On the start date, instantly provide access to manager-approved applications and SSO, email, chat, and other organization-level tools.

  • Send personalized welcome messages.

  • For temporary workers/contractors, schedule automated offboarding for a specific future date.

Productive in one hour

Craft powerful experiences that give new employees their best ever starting experience, with everything ready to go out of the box.

No developer required

Team members can entirely automate complex onboarding flows without writing a line of code, or being blocked by engineering.

Move fast with templates

Use our preconfigured templates to rapidly coordinate your existing stack across tools like Workfday, Rippling, Okta, Lastpass, and thousands more.

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