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How Tines enabled this crypto exchange to improve onboarding and offboarding globally


  • Global crypto exchange company
  • 251-500 employees

“Tines made us realize that even if the platform could deliver 25% of what we wanted, that would still be better than anybody else…we’ve been able to automate everything we’ve wanted.”

About this crypto customer 

This crypto exchange company has a global customer base and is on a mission to become the market leader in its space. To scale at the pace required to achieve this goal, its IT team requires seamless onboarding and offboarding processes that support hiring plans and enhance employees’ experiences.


The company’s IT team found themselves in the challenging position of onboarding new employees. They are responsible for establishing account access and ensuring each hire has all their tools on day one. However, managing these processes manually at scale became too time-consuming. Improving efficiency across both onboarding and offboarding was imperative to streamline access and protect company assets. 

The team sought an automation solution that:  

  • Makes it easier for less technical colleagues to engage the IT team

  • Simplifies the repetitive steps involved in onboarding new employees

  • Scales with their growing global headcount

  • Enables them to better support their teams across time zones globally

Why Tines?  

The IT team heard about Tines through word of mouth and thought it might be a fit since they aren’t programmers.

“We looked at a few other solutions, but they were either too large or not at all what we wanted; they weren’t really automation and only offered pre-built integrations. Our first conversation with Tines made us realize that even if the platform could deliver 25% of what we wanted, that would still be better than anybody else. Lo and behold, we’ve been able to automate everything we’ve wanted.”

Tines no-code platform delivered: 

  • Intuitive, clean user interface

  • Simple cross-functional collaboration through forms

  • Connectivity across the businesses tech stack

  • SOC2 compliance, which streamlined the procurement process  

Some 69% of employees are more likely to stay with a company for three years if they experience great onboarding, but this requires a lot of time and resources from IT. Not to mention, it creates a little pressure.

“Tines eliminates all of those critical small steps that can easily get missed when you’re trying to get multiple new hires ready, and it also helps us prepare for scaling. At any given moment in this industry, we could be hiring a lot of people at the drop of a hat.” 

The team knew their success would deliver value to their colleagues outside the IT department and that meeting the expectations of different hiring managers and connecting to the existing departmental systems and processes was critical. 

“We’ve worked out with the hiring managers what they would like their end users to have on day one and the things they don’t want them to have because there are some things they need to get training on first. Through Tines, we can make that happen without anyone having to make any requests. Before Tines, the process of gathering these expectations was entirely manual.

"Getting a new hire up and running used to take four hours per person, and now Tines takes care of that so we can focus on the live elements of our onboarding."

66%less time onboarding
4hrsonboarding time gained per new hire
100%initial automation goals hit

There’s a form that kicks off Story connected to BambooHR, Gmail, Slack, and Jira where we provision access and push updates to the teams. The process is entirely automated. 

“Tines takes a lot of burden off of us - some of the automatic notifications that happen aren’t things we were ever doing before, but Tines has enabled us to add those steps. There’s no confusion or questions implying confusion around the new hire process.”

And that’s just the onboarding process. The team is also automating offboarding, managing inventory, and creating consistency in processes such as GitHub best practices. 

“We’re using Tines to lock accounts and reset passwords, so we’re taking security measures and not just removing access. This is a win for IT because we offboard on Fridays at 5 pm, and with Tines, we’re not scrambling to ensure we get a person shut off.”

They are realizing value across teams and well outside speed. With Tines, they’ve: 

  • Transformed their onboarding and offboarding process, which improved their working relationship with their HR counterparts globally

  • Established better expectation management cross-functionally by implementing consistent practices across the IT organization globally

  • Created better first impressions with new hires, which impacts employee retention rates globally

What's next? 

The IT team at this crypto company is just getting started. While they’ve made great strides, they are aware of the potential for their team and the broader business. 

“The more the company at large hears about Tines, I think there is an opportunity for more teams to adopt Tines,” says the IT manager. “There are smaller teams like business dev and CX, where they could take advantage of automation as, like IT, they’re not as heavy coders.”

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