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Vulnerability management

Automatically scan for and respond to unpatched software vulnerabilities

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The problem 

Vulnerability management is a core component of any cybersecurity strategy: all security teams take steps to detect and apply patches to affected software. However, 60% of breaches involve vulnerabilities for which a patch was available but not applied.

This stark fact speaks to the often cumbersome, manual processes that stand in the way of rapid remediation – making vulnerability management frustrating and slow.

The solution 

Tines can robustly automate the entire vulnerability lifecycle

  • Ingest scan findings from Vulnerability Management Tools

  • Deduplicate existing/known vulns, and screen out low/informational-level findings as appropriate.

  • Enrich high-signal findings from multiple sources with diagnosis and remediation information.

  • Automatically coordinate with asset management tools, identifying host owners.

  • Create a ticket in your case management system with fully-documented data, diagnosis, and remediation information

  • When marked as resolved, automatically run a final scan to confirm remediation.

Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have all the information they need to decide what action to take. This workflow saves around 50% of an analyst’s time working on each case. But it’s not just about time – we also eliminate the human error that can creep into manual processes.

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Security Engineer
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Never miss a patch

By automating the vulnerability lifecycle, end-to-end, you’ll have confidence that nothing has fallen through the cracks.

Move fast with templates

Use our preconfigured templates to coordinate relevant systems like Kenna, Qualys, Service Now, Rippling, Workday, and many, many more.

No developer required

Analysts can build Tines automation without writing a single line of code, vastly reducing the time to production and the maintenance burden over time.

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