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Rapidly achieve and maintain organizational compliance with standards and regulations.

Automate for speed and quality

The problem 

Becoming compliant with relevant industry standards like SOC, ISO 270001, or PCI is now table-stakes for organizations who take security seriously.

However, achieving and maintaining compliance often results in arduous new manual processes and checklists for team members to follow and document. Because of this, rollout can involve significant retraining, costing time and budget.

The solution 

  • Tines lets you roll out automated compliance with unprecedented speed.

  • Build with battle-tested playbooks for key needs in security programs like SOC type 2 and ISO 27001.

  • Reduce time to compliance and burden for employees and processes.

  • Eliminate human error and bulky low-level human oversight requirements.

Our success is built on automation, and that success is built on Tines.

John McSweeney
Director of Active Defence
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No developers required

Build powerful compliance workflows – like scheduled access key rotation or employee on/offboarding – without writing a line of code.

Your workflows; your way

The precision of your compliance tactics will be unique to your organization. Tines’ unrivalled flexibility allows you to model your process exactly.

Accelerate compliance

Automated workflows don’t just make maintaining compliance smoother – they get you there faster. Simplify your rollout with reduced training and communication requirements.

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What compliance regulations has Tines helped real customers automate?

A very long list, including SOC Type I/II GDPR, CCPA, PCI, CIS controls/SANS top 20, various NIST frameworks, ISO 270001, and various other ISO and industry-specific standards.

What compliance standards does Tines itself meet?

Tines’ cloud edition is SOC Type II compliant. See more details on our security controls here:

However, Tines is also offered for self hosting. This allows for deployment in extremely high regulation environments such as banking or healthcare, directly inside your compliant infrastructure.

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