Use Case

Suspicious login alerts

Detect and rapidly remediate malicious login attempts.

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The problem 

A significant percentage of all online login attempts are malicious. Thanks to a large number of enormous breaches and leaks, attackers can attack through insecurely reused passwords and related heuristics.

For the security team, monitoring the stream of attempts can represent significant toil due to noise and false positives.

The solution 

Tines can entirely automate responding to suspicious login alerts.

  • Receive alerts via webhook or email, or fetch bulk alerts through an API.

  • Capture employee, device, and location data

  • Directly message the employee through an independent system for self-service reporting of false positives.

  • For true positives, automatically quarantine the device, and gather details from relevant networking tools.

  • Document in a case management system and escalate to relevant team members.

The right email is sent to the right person, in the right language, as soon as the suspicious login is detected. Our success is built on automation, and that automation is built on Tines.

John McSweeney
Director of Active Defense
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