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Slack bots

Accept input, notify users, and build interactive bots in Slack.

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The problem 

Building Slack (or Microsoft Teams) bots to interact with users in your organization is a great way to add human oversight or assistance to automated processes.

However, building reliable bots requires coding, deploying, and maintaining software – usually requiring a dependency on a development team.

The solution 

  • Tines supports building powerful Slack bots without writing code.

  • Send channel notifications when security events occur.

  • Provide users with buttons to take immediate action (e.g. ‘close ticket’)

  • Build interactive bots for rich, dynamic experiences

We communicate primarily on Slack, company-wide. Tines allows us to integrate many common investigatory functions directly into our communication there. Instead of having to open three tabs in a web browser and engage with multiple tools, we can do it all with one command in Slack.

Brandon Maxwell
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No developer required

Build interactive Slack/Teams-based communication systems without writing a single line of code, or waiting for engineering.

Move fast with templates

Use our preconfigured Slack templates to build Tines Actions for common needs like messaging users and accepting input.

Supercharge your Slack

Kick off other Tines workflows using slash commands, making rich automation available to the whole team without leaving Slack.

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Does Tines support all capabilities of the Slack API?

Yes, Tines supports 100% of the Slack API (and all HTTP APIs). Anything a software developer can build on Slack, you can construct in Tines.

What are some typical security use cases?

  • Kicking off automation processes – e.g. get enrichment for an observable
  • Notifying the team of new security alerts
  • Using prompts for case management (e.g. move the status of a ticket from open to closed)
  • Authenticate that a user intended an action to take place (e.g. messaging them to confirm they logged into a work device from a new IP)

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