Tines for MSSPs

Say goodbye to tedious tasks: transform MSSP operations with Tines

Leading Managed Security Service Providers automate their most complex processes with Tines. No code or customer development needed. It is fast, flexible and secure by design.

Supercharge your operational efficiency

Today, the security landscape is more crowded than ever. This results in more differences between client environments, and more manual work eating away at your bottom line.

Tines eliminates the toil with fully flexible workflow automation, allowing you to:

  • Increase your margin

  • Reduce analyst burnout

  • Streamline operations

One of the first questions that gets asked when we onboard a new client is, ‘How can we use Tines here?’

Alan Jones

Director of Security Services, Layer 3 Communications

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Adapt to changing
technology needs

Our completely API-driven automation technology connects you to any tech stack without needing to engage additional teams or resources. This means you move faster and support a broader set of technology for your diverse client needs and deliver client outcomes—not just technology.

  • Deliver bespoke services quickly

  • Improve retention

  • Increase the ROI of existing clients

Example use cases

Automate everything with Tines. Below are a few example workflows leveraged by leading MSSPs.

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Ticketing integration

Automatically add and enrich security alerts or test results to your preferred ticketing system.

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Client onboarding

Create workflows to automate client onboarding, including software deployment and more.

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IT maintenance

Reduce time analysts spend on manual tasks and automate software updates and changes.

Don’t take our word for it

"Tines has been transformative for us."

In the first few months of using Tines, BCM One has already built 12 automations with 50k events daily, and decreased vulnerabilities by 55%.

Dan Rubins

VP of IT and Information Security, BCM One

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"Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have all the information they need to decide what action to take. This workflow saves around 50% of an analyst’s time working on each case. But it’s not just about time – we also eliminate the human error that can creep into manual processes."

Tom Sage

Senior Security Engineer, Sophos


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