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CrowdStrike alert, host: MARTIN-PC (#36297)
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June 24, 2024
Cases bot created case #36297
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CrowdStrike Falcon alerts about a potential security incident
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CrowdStrike alert, host: MARTIN-PC
Case metrics
TypeCase timeSLA timeMet SLA?
TTDTo be updated with TTD time60 minTo be updated with TTD SLA result
TTRTo be updated with TTR time4 hrTo be updated with TTR SLA result

CrowdStrike detection received: View details below for further detection, behavior, and IP enrichment information.


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Initial detection and triage
CrowdStrike Falcon alerts about a potential security incident
Confirm the severity and priority level
Gather basic information about the alert, including affected hosts, observed behaviors, and timestamps
Verify if the alert aligns with known threat intelligence or attack patterns
Incident notification and coordination
Notify stakeholders, including the incident response team, SOC, and relevant IT personnel
Establish clear lines of communication and assign roles to team members
Create and incident ticket or record in your incident management system
Containment and isolation
Identify affected hosts and isolate them from the network to prevent further compromise
Engage CrowdStrike’s containment capabilities, if available, to isolate the affected hosts
Consider applying network-based controls to block associated suspicious traffic
Leverage CrowdStrike’s threat intel and community forums to gather additional info
Response and mitigation
Based on the findings, develop a mitigation plan to address the incident effectively
Apply necessary patches, updates or configurations to address any vulnerabilities found
Identify compromised user accounts, credentials, or access rights, and revoke or reset them as appropriate
Implement necessary changes to security policies, configurations, or access controls to prevent future similar incidents.
Isolate hosts
Lock user account
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Bring humans into the loop when it matters for your business while workflows run to capture the rest. Cases make it easy to work on incident response and create an audit trail of the resolution.

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Define advanced, nuanced data tracking across stories and cases. Aggregate into a dashboard to track SLAs, open cases, MTTR and more.


Mitigate risks with teams from a single location with intuitive components. Cases provide real-time visibility into data that can be analyzed, aggregated and reported to share with key stakeholders.

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