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Assess potential AWS IAM security vulnerabilities using AI

Assess potential security issues in your AWS IAM policy configuration using AI and receive feedback on any problems. Schedule weekly reviews of changes made to the policies in the past week to ensure policy security.


Analyze Malware with Intezer using Pages

Users can upload a ZIP file to a Tines page, which will be scanned by Intezer. This will provide users with details about the application, including whether it is malicious.


Kill an active process in CrowdStrike

Terminate a process for a given machine managed by CrowdStrike. Utilize a Page to select a running process on a device and stop it from running. Alternatively, submit a hostname and process ID from any other Story to run the automation.


Facilitate user requests & approve access to specific tools

Create an app with pages to request access to specific tools. Then, share the request with the user's manager and the IT team to secure approval before provisioning access. The end-user can check the status of their request via a status page.


Discover & remediate public Tines pages

Alert your team if a page in your Tines tenant has been made public and remediate by flipping the page back to private. This Story can also flip an SSO page back to private. This Story was created by Jamf.


Monitor a domain for risk score changes with DomainTools' Iris Enrich

Retrieve risk scores for a domain and compare the score to previous historical results. If the change is greater or less than a set threshold, notify a relevant team via email. This Story was created by DomainTools.


Hunt IP addresses in GreyNoise

Use a form to begin investigating a suspicious IP address. Review basic intelligence related to the IP address with the option to analyze the IP's history of scanning behavior a bit deeper.


Retrieve related domains using DomainTools' Iris Investigate

Perform a guided pivot in an investigation on a domain. Enter an artifact either in the page provided or as a Send to Story, and you can retrieve related domains or more information as desired. This Story was created by DomainTools.


Onboard employees & grant specialized access to specific tools

This Story onboards employees into different job functions to grant specialized access to tools depending on the role and provides a summary of the user's access at the end.


Create AI powered tools in Tines

Create custom single-page tools involving OpenAI's capabilities allowing anyone to utilize the power of artificial intelligence.


Add anti-virus evidence in Drata

Host a webpage for a Drata admin to upload evidence of anti-virus software. Then, identify all personnel who lack anti-virus evidence on their devices and upload the necessary information to Drata for each device.


Add password manager evidence to Drata

Host a web page to upload password manager evidence to Drata. Once the file has been added, run through the list of non-compliant users, add evidence to their accounts, and mark them as compliant with the control.


Run Orca Security vulnerability scans & add evidence to Drata controls

Intake a cloud asset, run a scan, and check for vulnerabilities. If vulnerabilities are present, an artifact is created and added to the vulnerability security controls in Drata. If no vulnerabilities are detected, the asset owner will be updated via email.


Add completed security training evidence to Drata

This Story hosts a web page for the Drata admin to upload the Security Training for all users that are not compliant within the Drata Platform. Once the certification has been uploaded, the Story will go through all the personnel that are not compliant and upload the evidence to Drata.


Send an Okta MFA challenge via a Tines page

Send an Okta challenge on-demand to a targeted user based on their email. Choose the Okta challenge to target the user within a Tines page, and easily share a status update via a page or Slack.


Search Elastic data sets and display results

Provide an interface for anyone to utilize an Elastic data set, retrieve information, and download the results.


Create expressive pages in Tines

Tines pages provide numerous webpage elements for displaying information via text, maps, tables, and images. This page takes a domain hosting a webpage and analyzes it using URLscan.


Track & add background check evidence to ensure regulatory compliance in Drata

This automation Story will go through personnel in Drata to add background check evidence and mark them as compliant with the control.


Invalidate user's password in Azure Active Directory

Host a Page to enable responders to reset a user's password in Azure Active Directory. This is useful for investigating leaked passwords and compromised accounts.


Add IdP MFA evidence to Drata

Host a web application to upload Identity Provider (IdP) MFA evidence to Drata. Then, run through personnel, add the evidence to the account, and mark the account as compliant with the control.


Add screensaver lock evidence to Drata

Add evidence of a screensaver lock for a device to Drata.


Create credentials that reference 1Password vaults

Pull vault items and secrets from 1Password to create HTTP credentials that retrieve password changes dynamically.


Get fun quotes from TV shows like The Simpsons and The Office

Retrieve amusing quotes from either The Simpsons or The Office by utilizing their respective free API services with Tines' pages feature.


Pivot on artifacts related to a domain with DomainTools' Iris Investigate

Gather more information about a domain and leverage DomainTools' Iris Investigate to pivot on artifacts that are related to the domain. Then, get IP addresses, emails, nameservers, and phone numbers related to the domain. This Story was created by DomainTools.


Onboard users to OctoPerf via Slack or Jira

Onboard new users to OctoPerf by sharing the Page URL or submitting a Jira ticket containing the user's email and the ID of the workspace they want to be added to.


Analyze IPs & search for indicators of compromise

Allow end-users to submit an IP address for analysis. Within the page, users will immediately see the location of the IP address in question. If further enrichment is needed, a Jira ticket is created with data provided by the Criminal IP API and URLScan.


Review team member access in Tines

Retrieve a list of all user accounts and the teams they are a part of in Tines. Access the Page and create an ad hoc report of details related to each user, like the last access time.


Analyze queried tweets based on keywords

Analyze queried tweets based on keywords using a form and get the top 20 results, determined by an interaction score. The sum of likes, retweets, and comments calculates this. Results will be presented through Tines pages and via email.


Geo-lookup IP addresses in bulk

Locate IP addresses submitted through a Tines page. Results will be displayed on a map and in a table. This Story can be expanded to analyze the IPs in any number of tools, including VirusTotal, AbuseIPDB, GreyNoise, and more.


Retrieve & enrich IOCs across multiple platforms

Retrieve IOC information from pages and enrich it across multiple platforms. Scan EDR to confirm if the IOC IP address is a local system and contain it if necessary. Return additional IOC information to pages, create tickets in Jira, and notify users via Slack.


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