Use Case

Fraud analysis and response

Detect fraudulent activity in real time and automatically notify or suspend

Offload this
monotonous workflow

The problem 

Protecting against and responding to fraud is a classic responsibility of security teams. Fraud comes in many forms, but often involves a risk of significant financial damage to a company or institution.

Shockingly, the average fraud tactic successfully continues for over 18 months before being detected, by hiding in the noise of false positives.

The solution 

Tines can systematically automate the fraud detection and response lifecycle.

  • Receive alerts from one or more fraud tools

  • Extract information and observables from the alert

  • Enrich using sources like whois, DNS registries, Recorded Future, LexisNexis

  • Search historical cases/resources to locate correlated events

  • Consolidate all data into your system of record

  • Automatically act: suspend accounts, page on-call teams, notify vendors

Tines has enabled a level of customization and utility that wasn’t previously available to Box’s security analysts. Now, incident response analysts can customize the workflow to suit their needs. And they can add extra features to suit their own playbook without having to request any software updates.

Tristan Waldear
Security Automation Manager
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Your workflow, your way

Fraud tactics will be tightly coupled to the specifics of your business. Tines' unrivalled flexibility and power allow for exact control of the details.

From analyst to automator

Analysts who previously spent time manually analyzing abuse cases now continuously improve the process – without needing a development team

Defer to a human

Use a Tines prompt to pause the automated workflow at critical points when required, to get an input of human judgment from a real analyst.

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