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Written by Brandon MaxwellHead of IT Operations & Information Security, Tines

As organizations strive for more nimble operations through digital transformation, many are taking a hybrid cloud approach. But ensuring proper security and adhering to compliance regulations can prove difficult - especially at scale. Compliance frameworks may shift annually, making the process of achieving and maintaining compliant procedures intensely laborious, with frequent retraining cycles involving significant time and investment.

Compliance is essential for many organizations, but it's not an indicator of a robust security posture. However, no-code automation can help bridge the gap and ensure your environment consistently follows established policies and procedures, ultimately reducing your risk against potential threats. By automating repetitive tasks, such as monitoring for anomalies, patching systems, and applying security policies, you can free up your resources to identify and mitigate threats more proactively. Tines can play a crucial role in helping organizations navigate the challenges of ensuring secure and compliant hybrid cloud environments.

The Tines Story Library contains many example workflows to transform security operations, but let's examine two common security considerations that also impact compliance in more detail.


An ideal onboarding process should provide a warm welcome to your company culture, grant access to necessary systems and information, and seamlessly integrate necessary legal paperwork, policies, and training. A great program is one that delivers this all-in-one solution with automation capabilities for real convenience.

There is usually a checklist of steps to ensure you adhere to security policies when onboarding new employees. Many of these steps are also required as part of compliance, for example, ensuring you’re enforcing measures like least privilege access, tracking resources assigned, and coordinating signatures to acknowledge security awareness training and security policies. With Tines, you can automate these processes to save resources, facilitate due diligence, and improve collaboration with HR and talent teams, ensuring no step gets skipped. Here are just a couple of example automation workflows that are readily available to use and customize via our Story Library:

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Companies must be mindful of the security risks associated with ineffective offboarding processes. Insider risk is a genuine issue. Nobody wants to believe a former employee would take company data to sell or expose, but it happens. Research reveals that nearly half of organizations are aware their networks can still be accessed, and a fifth have experienced data breaches attributed to ex-staff members.

Similarly to onboarding, there are many steps involved in deprovisioning and ensuring employee departures run smoothly, securely, and compliantly. It’s critical to have security measures to ensure every box has been checked on an employee’s final day and double down if it wasn’t an agreed-upon exit. By automating practices like removing access to tools and systems, organizations ensure their teams aren’t left scrambling, their data and networks remain secure, and everything is streamlined and documented for compliance purposes. Creating a smooth offboarding experience ensures that the last touchpoint with former employees is positive, making it easier for both parties to part ways amicably.

Here's an example of how Tines can support your offboarding process from our Story Library:

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Automating tedious tasks like patching, monitoring for anomalies, and enforcing policies allows resources to focus on the bigger picture - proactively addressing risks rather than merely checking the box to achieve compliance.

Visit the Story Library to explore more automation workflows and see how Tines can help your team take care of business quickly, securely, and compliantly. Or, if you're interested in learning more, read about how this crypto exchange transformed its onboarding and offboarding processes with Tines here.

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