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Chapter close: advanced 

That wraps up this advanced learning module on Tines.

We hope you found it useful and that it has enhanced your understanding of how to utilize the system.

To continue advancing your knowledge and skills with Tines, consider:
  • Exploring the Tines story library for examples and templates you can apply to your own use cases

  • Reviewing additional documentation in the Tines

  • Reaching out to the Tines support team if you have any questions or need clarification on anything you've learned

As always, we value your feedback on how we can improve our educational offerings.

If there are any specific topics or areas you'd like us to develop learning content on, please let us know by hitting the up 👍 or down 👎 vote bottom on the bottom of the page. Your input will help us create meaningful modules that enhance the Tines experience for all of our users.

We hope you continue your learning journey with Tines and look forward to helping you automate your security workflows.

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