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Automate cloud security with AWS and Tines

Automate cloud security
with AWS and Tines

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Cloud security is a fast-changing and dynamic environment which results in many teams struggling to know what is serious and what is noise.

Tines, built exclusively on AWS, helps teams quickly remediate known threats while effectively triaging the new. Providing a user friendly interface to build automation Stories, teams are able to quickly create new workflows, utilizing native AWS APIs to create solutions based on their team’s needs. Tines also is packaged with thousands of Action templates to utilize threat detection services outside of the AWS ecosystem.

Tines allows AWS customers to...


security alerts management


incident response


accuracy and remediation timelines

Use case examples

Example 1

Spin down test EC2 instances outside of work hours



Example 2

Retrieve AWS Cost Explorer data and email a CSV report

Get AWS Cost Explorer spending data for a selected period. Send an email to a chosen recipient with a CSV of the data, allowing for further examination and analysis.



Created by

Michael Tolan

Example 3

Identify EC2 instances missing tags and configure them with a Tines page

Retrieve AWS EC2 instances that are missing required tags. Send a Slack message with a link to a Tines page allowing anyone to set the required tags quickly.


AWS, Slack

Created by

Conor Dunne

Example 4

Verify Route 53 A records use active Elastic IPs

Check Hosted Zones in AWS Route 53 regularly. If A Records point to Elastic IPs in your instance, raise a Case in Tines with info about the resource & option to delete the record.

Created by

Michael Tolan

Example 5

Receive New Relic alerts, create Tines cases, and restart AWS instances

Efficiently address critical infrastructure alerts with an automated process that identifies impacted entities and reboots AWS EC2 instances. Improve your response time by extracting instance details and creating new cases in Tines for seamless recovery.

Example 6

Streamline AWS Elastic Container Registry vulnerability monitoring with Tines Cases

When a container is added to Elastic Container Registry (ECR), a vulnerability scan is triggered and critical findings are identified. Tines collects and filters scan results via the AWS ECR API, highlighting critical vulnerabilities and records them in Tines cases.



Whether it’s EDR, traffic behavior analysis, firewall management, IDS, phishing simulations, or anything else we use, Tines is very easy to plug into everything, get the alerts we want, and have it process them. That takes hours off our work.

Joel Perez-Sanchez
Security Engineer
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Tines is very intuitive in pretty much every aspect; the platform is just really easy to use, so it does a really good job at saving time. The time saved pays for itself, in my opinion.

Dylan White
Information Security Engineer
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Automate cloud security
with AWS and Tines