The #YDWWT winter wonderland competition is here!

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Written by Conor O'Neill

We want to celebrate all of the wonderful ways that our Community uses Tines. From the simple but ingenious to the mind-bogglingly complex. From the mission-critical to tickling your own funny bone. And everything in between.

For the next two weeks, send us your Tines Stories and win a prize. Everyone will get some swag and a surprise gift.

The overall winner will also get something very special and we'll donate $1500 to one of five great charities: Homeless Prenatal, LauraLynn Children's Hospice, Hope for Depression, Women in Cybersecurity and Malaria Consortium.

This is for all Tines users, not just the experts.

  • Figured out a niche API? Send it.

  • Automated something at home? Send it.

  • Built a complex anti-phishing flow that others can use? Send it.

  • It nearly works. Send it.

  • Not sure? Send it.

The competition ended on Dec 19th 2021. Thanks to everyone who entered!

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