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Written by John TucknerHead of Research at Tines Labs, Tines

Tines empowers anyone to automate their manual work, regardless of complexity, without writing a single line of code. Many teams starting on their SOAR journey often don't know what processes can be automated and find it challenging to translate their manual work into software-based solutions. In cybersecurity, automating repetitive processes at scale is a relatively new idea with little public research to support it. This often leaves security teams dubious that automation can actually solve their problems and wondering, "Is there a Tines Story that can help me?"

At Tines, we have a unique opportunity to lead everyone toward what great no-code automation looks like. Our blogs, videos, and example Stories have been recognized as some of the best resources for working with APIs to create robust security solutions. The only thing holding Tines users back is understanding the breadth of opportunities that can be automated. Using our technical content, we have the chance to inspire people to realize that automation can make their lives easier.

To continue producing great technical content for our community, we are pleased to announce Tines Labs. Our Tines Labs team is dedicated to researching, developing, and disseminating no-code solutions using the Tines platform. The solutions will include example Stories, templates for interacting with APIs, and best practice workflows delivered via the Story Library. We'll also develop and share new public templates and research that benefit our customers and the wider community. 

Our Tines Labs team will push the status quo and create innovative solutions that help every user get more from our platform. Ideas for these solutions will come from our customers, community, partners, and independent research to drive automation forward. The team will be able to act with speed to emerging market trends or current events.

We've established Tines Labs to foster and support our partners and the broader community and build and share solutions. Tines connects the dots, and we're excited to help others share and explore different solutions confidently and securely. In doing so, we will ensure "there is a Tines Story for that."

Tines Labs is hiring researchers. If you're interested in joining the team, visit our careers page for more information. If you'd like to share an automation idea or have a Story you'd like included in the Tines Story Library, complete this form. We use the Story below to receive submissions and track them for publishing!

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