Introducing the Story Library: Get inspired and start automating your workflows instantly

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Written by Eoin HinchyCo-founder & CEO, Tines

We are excited to officially announce the launch of the new Tines Story Library - making it easier than ever to unlock the potential for greater business efficiency and more streamlined operations in less time with less effort!

The power of no-code automation is now at your fingertips. From interacting with SIEMs to chatbots, case management systems, and more, the Story Library is filled with ready-to-use automation Stories, providing inspiration and digital transformation with just one click. You can connect any Story to your own tools and start customizing and utilizing it instantly.

Featuring more than 100 (and growing) unique automation Stories or pre-built workflows that aim to save you more time and effort, the Story Library is something we've dreamed of building for some time and is part of a broader project to redefine what it means to provide a world-class onboarding experience. It's designed to be a place that both inspires you and helps you automate anything.

Each Story is tagged for a different skill level. There are Stories for beginners like, Respond to approve and deny requests via Slack, which allows you to send approve or deny requests into a Slack channel and take various actions depending on how a user responds. There's also a Story called Monitor security advisories to help you stay on top of new security vulnerabilities, remediation strategies, and applicable updates for the affected software.

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Within the intermediate tag, you'll find more complex, modifiable workflows for dozens of popular tools, including CrowdStrike, Okta, Recorded FutureGuardDutyElastic, and many more! We're expanding this list weekly. Our advanced Stories cater to more experienced Tines users, while also showcasing just how capable and flexible our no-code automation platform is. For example, there's a Story you can use to identify and remediate malicious SentinelOne threats with VirusTotal.

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In addition to being categorized by level, you can also search for Stories by tools, from AWS to Zendesk, and by tasks, such as Remediate and Verify. So, whether you're seeking to automate full-cycle incident response, build a chatbot, gather more context for real-time decision-making, or securely manage employee offboarding, the Story Library aims to help you do that with Tines even more effectively and efficiently.

Robust, flexible connections are at the center of our no-code automation platform. The Story Library has the added benefit of highlighting that Tines can integrate with anything with a REST API, from custom and internal tools to off-the-shelf, mainstream software. As we continue to build out this resource and add more and more categories, tools, and techniques to the left panel, this will only become more apparent.

SOAR platforms can often be a bit cloak and dagger. It's not always apparent how things work or what's happening behind the scenes, particularly when it comes to integrations and orchestration. At Tines, we want to change that and help customers understand and leverage best practices when creating their own automation workflows.

We hope that the Story Library will be a valuable resource for everyone, and we'd love to hear what you think. Visit the Story Library and send any thoughts, comments, or suggestions to 

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