Introducing Change Control

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Written by Kelli HintereggerHead of Product Marketing, Tines

Companies depend on Tines to automate their mission-critical security workflows. We take this responsibility extremely seriously, and we’re always enhancing our platform’s capabilities to make it even more trustworthy and reliable.

Today, we introduced Change Control. When enabled, it adds a test environment to your Story, allowing you to prototype and experiment with changes, before applying them to your Story.

How it works 

When enabled, you can toggle between the test and live environments for a Story. Any changes introduced in the test environment will appear in the changes dropdown from which you choose to push them live or remove the changes. 

Impact of Change Control 

Change Control probably doesn’t make sense on your birthday Slack workflow or more trivial Stories because the consequences of introducing changes are minimal. 

However, you aren’t using Tines for trivial quirky interactions. You’re using Tines to build extremely powerful Stories with real business consequences when you introduce changes without proper testing. 

Those deeper Stories are where Change Control delivers the greatest value.  It creates a little friction to remind you to take a minute to fully understand the downstream impact of your changes before introducing them to your live Story.

Change Control provides you the tools to safeguard your business-critical Stories while still evolving them to meet changes within your team, tools, or the use cases you’re addressing. All without increasing the complexity of Tines!

As always, we look forward to your feedback and seeing what you unlock with Change Control.

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