A new level of flexibility for forms

Forms provide a user-friendly way to kick off your workflows in Tines with human input – from direct team members, colleagues throughout your company, or even the public internet. Today, we’re announcing two huge improvements to make forms more flexible and useful than ever before.

1. Multi-stage forms

Imagine you’re building a way for your colleagues to provide feedback on a system. Your first question might be something like "Is this a bug or a feature request?". If it’s a bug, you’ll want to know the steps to reproduce it. But if it’s a feature request, you need different context – what’s the problem, and what’s their idea to solve it?

With multi-stage forms, it’s simple:

A two-stage form workflow, where the second stage depends on the first.

From the user’s point-of-view, there’ll be a smooth, quick transition from the first form to the second.

This works far beyond simple cases: you can have as many forms/stages as you like, and we even support the most complex, thorny cases like looping or branching structures.

2. On-demand form URLs

Until now, if you needed to fetch input from a human mid-workflow, our answer was to use a prompt. This works really well for simple response cases like "click here to confirm that you recently logged in from a new device."

But what if you need to accept more complicated input during a story run? Now, forms are flexible enough to do this, too.

Let’s say you’re building a workflow that handles suspicious login alerts, and you want to give the affected user the ability to provide context as well as confirm/deny their login. Just add a form downstream in the workflow, and then get a live URL to it with FORM.suspicious_login ready for use in an email (or Slack notification, or anything else):

Linking to a form in an email with an on-demand URL

Once your respondent submits the form, your workflow will continue as usual.

We can’t wait to see what you build with these new additions.

For full information, check out the forms documentation.