Taking action on your security alerts with Panther and Tines

To keep up with detection and response in the cloud, modern security teams are leveraging automation to build robust and scalable workflows.

In the old world, homegrown scripts and inflexible SIEMs with proprietary data formats led to vendor lock-in, complicated operations, and many low-value alerts. In today’s world, security practitioners are using detections as code, REST APIs, and best-of-breed cloud tools to bootstrap security operations capable of handling detection and response at petabyte-scale.

Panther CEO, Jack Naglieri, and Tines COO, Thomas Kinsella show how you can craft high-value alerts in Panther that trigger robust remediation workflows in the industry’s leading no-code security automation platform, Tines.


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Date and time

December 7, 2020 5:00 PM