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Chapter close: Tines basics 

You've come a long way in learning the basics of Tines! Now it's time to put that knowledge into practice. To solidify your skills and get hands-on experience with Tines, consider the following:

Complete the Tines bootcamp

Now that you've gone through and gained some contextual knowledge about Tines, we encourage you to get hands-on experience with the tool. The best way to continue with your learning is with our interactive bootcamp.

The boot camp is designed to give you an opportunity to build into the system while following along with a video, or with an instructor on one of our live sessions.


Explore the documentation

Explore Tines Explained and our documentation on actions, stories, and events to learn more about how to build powerful automations in Tines. Having a solid understanding of these core Tines concepts will serve you well.

Reach out for help

Don't hesitate to reach out to the Tines community on Intercom with any questions you have about implementing Tines in your own workflows. Click here to register with the community.

With practice and experimentation, your Tines skills will continue to grow, and you'll be on your way to automating tasks like a pro.

Graduate to the intermediate section of Tines University

If you are eager to learn and build more in Tines, you can start by reviewing the Intermediate content at Tines University, which includes topics such as story design, data structures, and Tines apps. Happy building!

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Tines basics

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