Part 1: Framing a use case

Framing in your use case 

When I mention use case, it is in reference to any number of tasks that ultimately are part of a process. In some circumstances, it'll just feel like a normal day-to-day activity you do for your job, but typically these actions can be broken down and converted into a Tines story.

The one thing to remember throughout the development of your use case is that if it has an API, we can connect to it! This includes many online technologies from Google Drive to ChatGPT and everything in between.

We'll break down each core step as we take those manual tasks and develop them into a Tines story.

Use case inspiration

If you are seeking inspiration regarding the types of use cases you can develop, take a look at our SOC Automation Capability Matrix. These examples primarily revolve around security but can serve as a solid starting point.


Note the key steps

Break it down in simple steps as if you were doing it manually.

  • Use notes to map out what you'd normally do:

    • Go to BambooHR and see who on my team is out of office today. Then, go to Slack and find my team channel and send a message to that channel regarding who is currently out of office today.

    • Drag notes in from tools > notes

      • Hotkey: N


It's important to know what kind of data you want to feed into your story. This could come from any number of systems and be formatted to accomplish your goals. While you are framing out your use case, add notes to highlight these data inputs.

  • Where should the data come from?

    • Salesforce, Snowflake, Airtable, etc


Most stories have some sort of final action or data output. This could be having the data from your story sent as an email once complete, posting to a Slack channel that your whole team uses., or assigning a new case to someone on your team.

Imagine that you would be performing these actions yourself, but instead, Tines will do them for you!

  • Where should the data end up?

    • Email, Microsoft Teams, Slack, etc

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