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“Thanks to Tines, the first time an analyst looks at the case, they already have all the information they need to decide what action to take. This workflow saves around 50% of an analyst's time working on each case.”
Tom Sage
Security Engineer, Sophos

Work smarter, achieve more. With our seven action types, offload any repetitive manual processes that clog up your day.

Infinite integrations

Connect to any REST API or web application in seconds regardless of the tool, vendor, or whether it’s off the shelf or custom-built.

Reduce the noise

Tines will ensure you’re tuned in when you need to be by coordinating your tools to monitor your organization’s environment, threat detection, and incident response around the clock.

How Tines helps optimize resources and bolster high demand teams

  • Company size

    1000+ employees
  • Custom per year

    1 billion bookings
  • Tines impact

    Saving 40 hours per week

The leading provider of free, real-time online reservations and guest management solutions for restaurants, OpenTable turned to Tines as they needed a tool to cut down the amount of time they were spending investigating and resolving security incidents.

OpenTable chose Tines because our platform requires very little time and attention to keep it doing exactly what they need it to do, helping them work more efficiently and giving them more time to focus on other tasks.

Their security team also appreciated being able to automate workflows in a short amount of time, and our readiness to modify the platform to suit their requirements.

"The thing we like about Tines is the flexibility of the product. We can hook it up to any of our tools. Rather than having to buy a specific tool that works with Tines, it works with whatever we already have. If it has an API, Tines can integrate with it."
Joel Perez-Sanchez
Security Engineer, OpenTable

Explore some of OpenTable’s use cases with Tines

Manage Phishing Response

85% of organizations have tackled a phishing attack at least once, and almost a quarter of all data breaches in 2020 involved phishing. Automate end-to-end what is often a complex and manual process, resulting in a faster, more streamlined response.

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Ticket enrichment

Threat intelligence enrichment is a critical component of any incident investigation process. Tines enables you to enrich tickets with valuable context so that your team can take action on what matters most.

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How Tines helps rebuild workflows in minutes, not months

  • Company size

    1000+ employees
  • Custom per year

    36.5 Billion Logins
  • Tines impact

    Saving 15 hours per week

Identity and access management specialist Auth0 first turned to Tines to help its Detection & Response team offer speedier resolutions to the issues they handle amid rapid growth.

The team previously used a different automation platform, but unlike Tines, it couldn’t scale at the rate they required and presented usability challenges.

Auth0 trusts Tines to handle all of its alert ingestion, enrichment, notification, and more, giving them the additional capacity to devote themselves to complex tasks and set up other automation stories, optimizing their workflows even further.

"Other platforms have a lot of unnecessary complexity, but Tines is flexible, lightweight, and easy to use."
Brandon Maxwell
Senior Security Engineer Manager, Auth0

Explore some of Auth0’s use cases with Tines

Handle Alert Ingestion

83% of cybersecurity teams are overwhelmed by the volume of alerts they receive and the complexity of SIEM tools. A powerful automation solution, Tines helps manage large volumes of data and execute appropriate responses at scale.

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Security Chat Bots

For the foreseeable future, 80% of organizations plan to allow remote working at least part-time. With Tines, you can kick-off automated actions from within chat applications and manage alerts and data, improving communication and collaboration across your team, regardless of location.

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Learn more about how Auth0 is using Tines

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