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Together, Tines and Elastic provide security teams with all the information they need to investigate alerts, make business critical decisions in one place all while saving valuable time and resources. By combining the value of high-fidelity detection and alerting delivered by Elastic Security with Tines’ robust automation, SOC teams can effectively support continuous monitoring, threat detection and prevention, alert enrichment, incident response and more.

Key benefits

Scale security operations efforts

Integrate context & data enrichment into alerts

Investigate & react to alerts faster

Use case examples

Example 1

Triage Elastic Security alerts and block malicious IPs

Analyze Elastic Security alerts using GreyNoise and block malicious IP addresses. Check which patches were installed and build a case with all of the results, while keeping key stakeholders informed.

Example 2

Identify false positive alerts from Elastic using a database in Notion

Analyze alerts from Elastic Security against a database in Notion to identify false positives. Compare Individual fields against false positives defined within the Notion database.

Example 3

[Duplicate] Analyze alerts with IP addresses in Elastic Security

/// Duplicate of https://library.tines.com/stories/87666, feel free to delete Analyze Elastic Security alerts with IP addresses using GreyNoise. Block if malicious and check if the IP addresses are known. Create a case with all of the necessary details, including which patches are installed, and notify stakeholders.

Example 4

Move security logs from Google Workspace to Elastic Security

Detect and respond to malicious activity in Google Workspace by moving security logs to a centralized environment such as Elastic Security for further analysis and alerting with this Story.

Example 5

Create GitHub Issues from Elastic SIEM alerts

For each Elastic SIEM alert, create a GitHub Issue to triage and handle incidents. When used with detection-as-code, pull requests can be opened referencing GitHub Issues for rule tuning.

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Detect security threats and reduce time to respond with Tines and Elastic

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