Automated Remediation in the Cloud with Tines and Lacework

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Lacework and Tines work together to form the most powerful solution for automated remediation in the cloud. Leveraging the partnership, security professionals can surface anomalies in real-time, analyze and react with tailored workflows, and capture it all within their case management system. As a result of this end-to-end coverage, security teams get to focus on more meaningful work for the business.

Key benefits

Accelerate every step of your security process

End to end coverage for your cloud environment

Respond to and remediate events in real-time

Use case examples

Example 1

Normalize alerts from multiple sources using ChatGPT

Use ChatGPT to normalize alert formats. Alerts from multiple sources are converted into a standard format for easier processing by a SOC, and a ticket is then created.

Example 2

Investigate & remediate Lacework alerts

Automate remediation of all Lacework alerts and violations in line with the CIS Benchmark, helping you to be more secure and achieve SOC 2 compliance faster.

Example 3

Remediate compliance violations with Lacework

This Story ensures the S3 bucket policy restricts access, verifies user activity via Slack, and remediates compliance violations.

Example 4

Add host vulnerabilities in Lacework to Drata controls

Retrieve all vulnerabilities present in your cloud environment detected by Lacework. Then, upload the results to the vulnerability security control in Drata.

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Get end-to-end coverage for your cloud environment with Tines and Lacework