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Manage Elasticsearch and GKE clusters via Slack bot

Capture the value of Tines in a non-security use case. At Elastic, the InfoSec team has a number of Elasticsearch clusters deployed on Kubernetes, using Elastic Cloud on Kubernetes (ECK) on a Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). The idea is that with a Slack bot, an engineer is able to interact with any Elasticsearch cluster and Kubernetes cluster and get more visibility about the health of the cluster and trigger further commands very easily. The features of this bot are the following: Ability to get a list of all GKE clusters from a GCP project and their respective status via Slack. Ability to check the health of Elasticsearch cluster, get shared allocation information and query Elasticseach to check the node disk space from Slack. Ability to get a list of all pods, services, and ingresses of a particular GKE cluster from Slack. Ability to restart a pod from Slack.

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Christopher Cutajar at Elastic

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