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Written by Aoife Anderson

Eating our own dog food or putting it more plainly, using and testing our product isn’t new to us at Tines.

If you’re not already familiar with our background, our founders created our automation platform because they couldn’t find a flexible and robust enough solution to the problems they experienced first-hand as senior security operators. Tines is the result of years spent buried under too much work, not enough staff, and inevitable incidents. So, it’s safe to say we’re evangelists when it comes to our no-code platform, which removes barriers and integrates seamlessly with other tools to execute repetitive manual work. We’re the number one users as well as the developers of Tines.

Tines @ Tines 

As a fast-growing, remote global team, how we use Tines at Tines is something we’re eager to share much more about.

It’s no exaggeration to say we use our product whenever possible; we currently have more than 100 use cases internally. For example, our engineering team use Tines to manage our infrastructure, drive the continuous deployment of our software to our servers as we make changes, and actively monitor that the application is up and running for all of our customers. We also use Tines for security alerting in our own environment, and to add users to our community Slack channel.

Our sales team use Tines to build top-of-funnel data and post Slack reports, while our marketing team use the platform to aggregate data from various tools and to stay on top of our analytics. Some processes our recruiting team have automated with Tines include sending swag boxes, hardware, policy docs, and software to our new hires before they start, and our CEO Eoin is “inordinately proud” of a Tines story that automates our security assurance pack deliveries.

The list of processes we’ve automated once in Tines and have never had to lift a finger to execute again grows daily.

But beyond our work, we also use Tines because it’s genuinely fun!

Every new addition to our organization receives hands-on training to help them learn how to use Tines. Educating folks about the uses, benefits, and how to achieve those benefits by engaging with our tool is a priority. Not only does this enable them to hit the ground running, but their work days are inherently more interesting and rewarding since they’re not stuck doing the same low impact tasks over and over again - just like we preach to our potential customers.


Recently, we introduced a friendly hackathon-style competition we like to call ‘You Did What With Tines’ or #YDWWT across our teams in Ireland and the US. There’s zero pressure to participate, but any individual or group can submit a short video detailing a process they’ve automated in Tines twice a month. We then vote for a winner. Truly, it’s been a better culture-building exercise than anyone could have predicted. Things can get pretty entertaining because, with Tines, you can automate almost any manual task, even if it’s highly complex and sensitive. With that in mind, we thought we’d share a couple of the creative #YDWWT entries to help demonstrate the flexibility of Tines beyond security use cases.

Automated PTO requests 

Sales Engineer Claire's debut entry to #YDWWT stormed to victory in our most recent internal competition, beating out almost 30 other entries. Aimed at helping her fellow Tines employees request, approve, and track time off more easily, her automation story allows people to submit requests for vacation, sick leave, study leave, etc., and sends them to their specific manager for approval. If approved, the story updates the company calendar so everyone can see when someone is out of the office.

Fantasy baseball advantage 

Automation Architect John's fantasy baseball hack was another popular 'You Did What With Tines' entry. Determined to dominate his fantasy baseball league this year and avoid having to wake up in the middle of the night to secure the pitchers and sluggers of his choice, John built the following automation story in Tines. Giving him the critical edge needed to defeat his friends, it monitored new rosters and picked up and dropped the ballers of his choice, enabling him to construct a strong team automatically instead of manually.

Demonstrating our flexibility 

The flexibility of Tines is something we're immensely proud of; it's what fuels our ability to help you stay on top of your most important work even as your load grows. If you've never seen or used an automation platform before, you may not be able to believe just how transformative it can be. Tines helps teams operate more effectively and efficiently without sacrificing best-of-breed software and control.

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