Tines Invests in No-Code Research at University of Limerick, Ireland

Tines Invests in No-Code Research at University of Limerick, Ireland

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We have just announced a substantial donation to the University of Limerick's (UL) new Immersive Software Engineering (ISE) program in Ireland. You can read the press release on the UL Foundation site.

I'm excited for us to partner with the University of Limerick on this initiative to produce fundamental academic research into digital transformation and the value of no-code approaches over traditional software engineering.

When we first heard of the new program being put together by the ISE team, we were eager to be part of the coalition of other organizations that were also committing to support it.

So many of the world's great tech companies have been built on the foundations created in universities and research institutes. It's imperative that the virtuous circle between academia and industry is nurtured and reinforced.

Tines has demonstrated, in a hands-on way, over the past two years that low-code and no-code approaches to cybersecurity automation are far more efficient and effective than writing traditional code. We have already seen these approaches expand into and assist adjacent teams and departments like IT, Finance, and HR.

Non-developers can now connect disparate systems together, tap into the data they need, enrich it from multiple sources and direct the outputs to those who need them—all without knowing any programming languages.

We'd like to dive deeper into the fundamental underpinnings of what we are doing and work with UL on the necessary research that not only measures those user benefits but potentially shows even further optimizations that are possible.

Tines wants to empower everyone in every organization to automate a multitude of tasks and claw back hours in each working day. The research by UL has the potential to provide invaluable insights into why this approach is so effective, both from a technical and a social perspective.

We see this investment as just the first step in Tines working more closely with research teams and enabling the next major leaps forward in digital transformation.

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