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Written by Charlie ArdaghHead of Partnerships, Tines

Tines is delighted to announce we have joined the AWS Partner Network as a Select Partner, and our no-code automation platform is now live on AWS Marketplace.

Additionally, we are very proud to have recently won an AWS Software Startup Award. The awards were created to shine a spotlight on innovative B2B/SaaS startups in the UK and Ireland. Tines was awarded Gold in the Rising Star category, which recognizes early-stage startups that have demonstrated innovative tech solutions to support their customers.

We're thrilled to accept this award from AWS. This recognition is a testament to our team's hard work and dedication to democratizing automation. We believe that automation is the future of cloud computing, and we're excited to continue innovating with AWS. Together, we can make the cloud more accessible and efficient for businesses of all sizes. We're just getting started and look forward to a bright future together.

Tines can be deployed on the AWS environment in a local network or self-hosted in a remote network. All of our customers have a dedicated instance on which their workloads run on dedicated resources (compute, storage, network) according to advanced security standards (SOC2, ISO 27001). 

Tines is enabling security teams across regions to leverage the power of no-code automation, realizing the full value of AWS to drive growth. As more critical processes move to the cloud, more visibility and agility are needed across companies’ operations, infrastructure, and unique environments to make real-time decisions and automate responses at scale. Tines’ no-code automation platform helps provide these benefits and more by enabling customers to seamlessly connect tools and automate mission-critical workflows, without the need for developers or coding skills.  In fact, Tines already has a range of easy-to-use AWS Stories in our Story Library to facilitate getting started.

Tines on AWS can help customers:

  • Move and scale faster

  • Streamline their security operations

  • Improve visibility across companies’ cloud and hybrid environments and distill threat intelligence from across their tools

  • Guarantee deployments that meet or exceed security and compliance requirements

  • Ensure AWS-based applications and services meet defined SLAs

Visit our Story Libary to access customizable AWS automation Stories and learn how you can deploy Tines across your AWS workloads.

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