LimaCharlie’s Maxime Lamothe-Brassard: Rethinking how cybersecurity tools are sold — less snake oil, more focus on capabilities

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

In our third episode, we speak with Maxime Lamothe-Brassard — CEO and founder of LimaCharlie, a security infrastructure as a service tool that gives security teams full control over how they manage their security infrastructure. Maxime’s unique perspective comes from a career in security, including Canada’s NSA, Arc4dia, and the early days of CrowdStrike and Google Chronicle.

Topics discussed in this episode: 

  • The problem LimaCharlie solves. 

  • How Maxime describes the state of security today. 

  • Maxime’s philosophy for how cybersecurity products should be marketed and sold to customers. 

  • How small improvements can lead to major changes over time. 

  • How better tools and great APIs can remove the “boring stuff” so security teams can focus on more exciting work. 

  • Where Maxime sees security headed in the future.

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