Expel's Jon Hencinski: How to reduce risk through better security strategy

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

In this episode of The Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas speaks with Jon Hencinski, Vice President of SecOps at Expel, a company with "a mission to make security easy to understand, easy to use, and easy to continuously improve." Jon is passionate about getting to the root cause of security issues and using strategy to help organizations eliminate problems.

Topics include: 

  • How Jon has seen security evolve from his time on the help desk to managing enterprise incident response investigation.

  • The importance of using automation for detection at scale — especially as new classes of threats continue to emerge — and what makes a “good detection.”

  • How organizations can reduce risk through strategy and by making investments in preventing common incidents like business email compromise and macro-enabled Word docs.

  • The metrics Jon uses to measure success and why thinking about business goals and objectives will help you retain customers and deliver great outcomes.

  • Some of the habits of an effective SOC and how culture and candor can play a big role.

  • How Expel uses data and metrics to track workloads, hedge burnout, and take care of the mental health of its employees.

  • Advice for those just getting started in security and predictions for the future of security teams.  


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