Incode Technologies’ Jeff Moss: Scaling security for startups and defending against the ever-growing attack surface 

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

In this episode of The Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas speaks to Jeff Moss, Senior Director, Information Security, at Incode Technologies. Incode is the leading provider of world-class identity solutions for the world’s largest financial institutions, governments, retailers, hospitality organizations, and gaming establishments. 

Jeff has over 10 years of experience in tech and IT, moving from project and program management in areas such as construction and IT into cybersecurity, where he quickly worked his way up to becoming Senior Director of Information Security. He has countless licenses and certifications, including Certified Information Systems Auditor with ISACA, and he also has an MBA. 

Topics include: 

  • How Jeff decided to make the move from engineering to product security. 

  • His less traditional path into cybersecurity leadership and how he worked his way up to CISO in such a short space of time. 

  • The evolution of product security over the last five years. 

  • The increased attack surface within the industry and how to reduce the risks. 

  • What Jeff has learned from scaling security for numerous startups.

  • Tips for the prioritization of initiatives that Jeff has learned as part of his MBA and his years as a project and program manager. 

  • Jeff’s approach to combining the technical and the business in his management.  

  • The shift in organizational structure with CISOs needing to report to the board and CEO. 

  • The proposed Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) rulemaking in the US and what it means for the industry.

  • What Jeff expects to see in security operations over the next five years. 

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