Citrix’s Corey Hill: How to make mental health a priority for your security team

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Written by Thomas KinsellaCo-founder & CCO, Tines

In our latest episode of the Future of Security Operations podcast, Thomas speaks to Corey Hill, Director of Security Operations and Incident Response at Citrix. After working at organizations such as Mandiant and Cisco, Corey joined Citrix in 2020 when there were just a handful of people on the SOC team.

Today, the teams Corey leads are spread across four countries and are responsible for Detection Engineering, Threat Intelligence, Threat Monitoring, Security Automation, and Incident Response (both CSIRT) services at Citrix. 

Topics in this episode include: 

  • Corey’s career journey so far and his position at Citrix 

  • Corey’s perspective on security has evolved throughout his career and why there’s no one-size fits all security strategy 

  • Lessons Corey learned by building multiple SOC teams from scratch  

  • How Corey leverages automation to make his team more efficient and effective 

  • How Citrix prioritizes mental health for its employees 

  • Why burnout is inevitable and how to tackle it 

  • Why it’s important to remove the stigma of being breached and how to respond when it happens  

  • The role mentors have played in Corey’s professional success 

  • Corey's #1 piece of advice for those who are leading security operations teams 

  • How security operations have evolved and what the future will look like 

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